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Laser Medi-Spa

Book your complementary consultation with one of our Medical Estheticians and she will prepare a treatment plan best suited to your skin type. Not everyone is a candidate for this service so a consultation is needed before any Chemical Peel.

Chemical Peels

This medical-grade peel is an excellent option for patients who are new to chemcal peels. This peel can be customized to all skin types and tolerances to specifically treat intial signs of aging, pigmentation and mild skin imperfections. It will improve global skin tone, diminish fine lines and reveal a beautiful radiant complexion. SkinCeuticals chemical peels use pharmaceutical grade ingredients and there is usually no down time with our chemical peels. Patients may experience epidermal peeling, mild to moderate flaking, redness and slight tenderness post-procedure, which subsides quickly.


Laser Treatment Consultations

Consultations are at no charge and are required before starting any Laser treatments. Your technician will explain the procedure and what to expect. Individual results may vary and your technician will do a test patch during this visit.

Enjoy a 20% discount when your purchase a series of 4 treatments laser hair removal treatments.


Photo Facials

Reduces hyperpigmentation and tightens the skin. Now better results than ever. Most people see results in 1-3 Lumecca treatments.


Laser Hair Removal

Treatment Price
Laser Upper lip $60.00
Laser for Chin area $60.00
Laser for Under Arms $80.00
Laser Bikini $100.00
Laser Brazilian $150.00
Laser Half Leg $200.00
Laser for Full Leg $350.00
Laser Full Arm $200.00
Laser Chest $225.00
Laser Back $200.00


BodyFX treatments target problematic fatty tissues for ideal body contouring.

  • Radio-Frequency provides precise and optimal heating of the skin for reduction, contraction and body shaping
  • Negative Pressure Massage applies gentle vacuum pressure allowing for maximal depth treatment
  • Clinical studies with histologies showing volume reduction and contraction


Diolaze is the new champion in the laser hair removal arena. Diolaze is the FIRST high speed diode hair removal system to deliver uncompromised power and pulsing to tissue (30J/30msec up to 40J ) with high speed (4 cm2/sec) in the same session. Diode scanning technology and built in safe guards provide a unique combination of high tech sophistication with speed, efficacy and safety. Clinicians can benefit from this first and only combination of speed, efficacy, safety and comfort to optimize their hair removal revenue.


Forma technology is the superior choice for the treatment of wrinkles. Forma stimulates the formation of new collagen and improves the skin’s elasticity for long-lasting and remarkable results. The radio frequency current flows between the electrodes to provide a comfortable thermal experience, without concerns of hot spots or undertreatment. Built-in temperature controls allow for the attainment of clinically proven optimal epidermal temperatures. In addition, Forma has the exclusive capacity for prolonged exposure at therapeutic temperatures, which can be reached quickly and uniformly.


Fractora delivers targeted bipolar RF energy to various selectable depths in the skin. Fractora meets and exceeds the results of fractional CO2 without the associated downtime, prolonged redness, and pigmentation drawbacks. Fractora achieves full-scale treatment depths with customizable fractional energy to improve superficial skin tone problems (photo damage) to deep textural concerns (rhytids and tightening). Clinicians can select between variable depths, densities and energy levels for results that were previously unattainable without excisional surgery.


Lumecca uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to selectively target and treat skin conditions through selective photothermolysis. Optimized for light and dark skin, Lumecca increases the potential for clinicians to treat a variety of skin types and conditions ranging from facial pigmentation, superficial vessels, skin texture and/or photo-damage.