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More and more we are conscious of the products we use at home and the ingredients that are used to make them. With Eminence Organics you can be rest assured there are only the finest organically grown materials. In addition, Eminence is committed to the environment with their tree-planting program. With every product purchased, they plant a tree in over 19 developing countries. You can help save the planet, one product and one tree at a time!

Eminence Anti Aging Facial

All in gredients from Eminence are hand picked and hand made. This truly active Facial is extremely effective and active.

Includes an Organic Peel along with products chosen for your individal aging concerns.


Eminence Gemstone Fire and Ice Facial

This facial has been designed with the properties of Gemstones. We will begin with the Charcoal cleanser with Malachite Gemstones to do a deep cleansing and re-balance the oil and sebum production.  Your skin will shine its brightest after the energizing properties of Turmeric and its anti-inflammatory abilities. Citrine Gemstones will recharge, motivate and energize the mind and body. The beautiful massage will leave you in a state of euphoria. The Camilla Face Oil will melt into your skin for additional hydration and offers anti-aging properties.


Eminence Classic Facial

Focusing on your skins needs with all the great Organic products you have come to expect from Eminence


Yam and Pumpkin Peel 20%

An Organic alternative to Glycolics and other aggressive Peels. Perfect for relieving dryness and thickening of the skin from weather exposure.


Arctic Berry Peel

Reveal your radiance naturally. The combination of enzymatic and manual exfoliation working in unison to promote healthy skin renewal. This treatment can be done alone or added to some of our other great facials.


30 min

Eminence Lip treatment

Exfoliate, mask and plump up those lips with this treatemnt. Your Esthetician will finish with an Organic Lip Balm for protection


Eminence Organic Eye Treatment

Add to your Eminence Facial. An Eye exfoliation and treatment.