All body treatments are provided in luxurious private rooms. Our spa therapists are fully trained to drape sheets discretely over areas of the body that are not involved in the the treatment process. It is important to us that your privacy and comfort is respected.

Enhance your body naturally with one of our Body Wraps dedicated to feeding the skin with the nourishment it craves. Your treatment will begin with an exfoliation. The body wrap of your choice will be applied and you will indulge in the aromatics while the penetrating Organics condition your skin. After a shower in the privacy of your treatment room, your Esthetician will apply a therapeutic body lotion for beautiful, lasting results.

Blueberry Soy Slimming Wrap

An overall firming and sculpting treatment. Your skin will be infused with moisture while the wrap improves texture, rejuvenates and revitalizes. In addition you will receive the benefits of improved elasticity and firmness.


Chocolate Truffle Coconut Wrap

Along with the aromatherapy calming benefits, the skin is deeply hydrated and comforted. Moisturizers are enriched into the skin and wrinkled areas are improved and tightened.


Hungarian Cellulite Treatment

This treatment targets localized areas affected by cellulite. It will detoxify through increased circulation as well as improve elasticity and firmness. You will experience a high tingling sensation with redness that may last up to 2 hours. Visible signs of cellulite are reduced, revealing a smoother, softer skin.


Aromatherapy Salt Glow Scrub

45 minutes

Sun Kissed Body Polish

A gentle exfoliation with a sea salt blend leaves your body velvety soft and glowing. A sunless tanning lotion is then applied to give that "sun kissed" appearance.

1 hour